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‘01-06 June’ is the debut album of Davide Tomat from Torino, Italy. It was created over a 6 day period in June 2010 in a series of solo real time improvisation sessions as multi-track recordings using only his voice, an analog monophonic sythesizer and a guitar through effects, loopers, computer and samplers to create multiple layers of voices, sythesizers and guitar. No overdubs were used.

Each song is matched to an historical event that happened between the 1st and the 6th of June during human history: the invention of radio, the Montgolfier brothers’ first hot air balloon flight, the ill-fated Soyuz 11 space mission, the first comet to be photographed, the publication of Orwell’s ‘1984’ and others.

The album is a beautiful collection of sparsely layered, dreamy, drony space-age ambient sonic landscapes, in which Tomat displays his impressive vocal skills. It’s a perfect headphone trip and and ideal soundtrack to explorations of outer (and inner) space.

Davide Tomat has also released music under his other projects, N.A.M.B. and Niagara.

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