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65daysofstatic 'We Were Exploding Anyway' FLAC album download Mono-58FLAC

Released 17 October 2010

Features guest vocals from Robert Smith of The Cure on 'Come To Me'

Free track 'Crash Tactics' from 'We Were Exploding Anyway' can be streamed / downloaded here:

65daysofstatic 'Crash Tactics' by Monotreme Records

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65daysofstatic – the name still shrouded in inspirational ambiguity, the band still one of the most arresting live acts on the circuit – arrive at album four reborn. Following years of incessant touring, and three albums in as many years, a break in momentum gave them the breathing space necessary to revaluate their artistry, to focus on fresh ambitions and reach for them. From the underground, over; out of the basements and into the light: this is the Sheffield quartet as you’ve never heard them before.

We Were Exploding Anyway is 65days anew. This is not a rock band with a bit of glitch on the side, all guitars with the slightest semblance of high-BPM beat-craft as underlay; it’s a not-so-distant dance party, the purest euphoria as earworms that dig deep and nestle tight. It’s an arms-aloft salute to the thrill of letting yourself go in the tide, and riding that rush ‘til it leaves you breathless but so prepared to go around again.

Were Exploding Anyway is a game-changer from a band that has only ever followed its own rules, and now they’re broken. Don’t pick up the pieces. Leave them. Dance over them. This time, and for all time, and those audiences…


  1. Mountainhead
  2. Crash Tactics
  3. Dance Dance Dance
  4. Piano Fights
  5. Weak4
  6. Come To Me
  7. Go Complex
  8. Debutante
  9. Tiger Girl