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Fops 'For Centuries' Limited edition cassette ep Mono-57CAS

Fops (the collaboration between lyricist Chadwick Donald Bidwell of Ral Partha Vogelbacher and singer Dee Kesler of Thee More Shallows) follow up their debut album, ‘Yeth Yeth Yeth’ with a 7-track, 43-minute ep/mini-album called ‘For Centuries’, which is released on September 5th 2011 as a very limited cassette release (40 copies) with letterpressed insert cards made by Chad Bidwell.

You can stream or download the track 'Cheater Carolina' below:

Fops 'Cheater Carolina' by Monotreme Records


  1. Countless Songs
  2. Cheater Carolina
  3. I Shot A Parakeet
  4. Fops On Tour
  5. Dolive Dreams
  6. I Shot A Parakeet Too
  7. Ronald Wilson Reagan

Pressing Information

Limited edition of 40 cassetes, with letterpressed inserts.