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Nedry 'In A Dim Light Remixed' digital (FLAC) album Mono-71FLAC

Elecronic pop trio Nedry will release a 12-track digital remix album of their new album, ‘In A Dim Light’, on the 14th of May on Monotreme Records.

The album contains remixes by Gazelle Twin, Worship, Ghosting Season Paper Tiger, Jack Allet, plus label mates M+A, Polinski and Midas Fall and others.

The full tracklisting of the remix album, which is called ‘In A Dim Light Remixed’, is:

1. – M+A
2. TMA – Paper Tiger
3. Float – Jack Allett
4. Violaceae – Rosko John
5. – Worship
6. Dusk Till Dawn – Capac
7. Float – Useless Interface
8. Violaceae – Gazelle Twin
9. Havana Nights – Ghosting Season
10. Violaceae – Polinski
11. Float – Midas Fall
12. – Familiar Spirits

We have an exclusive preview of 3 tracks from the album streaming on the player below: