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Barzin 'To Live Alone In That Long Summer' CD, Vinyl, digital album + extras Mono-82

Fourth album 'To Live Alone In That Long Summer' by Canadian singer-songwriter Barzin.
Released on the 24th of February 2014. All orders will receive a free bonus mp3 of the demo version of 'All The While'. All physical products will also receive a digital download link by email and a Barzin sticker and pin (whilst supplies last).

Stream or download a free track from the album, 'All The While' here on

Released 24th February 2014 worldwide on Monotreme Records. Available on CD, digital download and 180 gm vinyl (choice of black or white vinyl, with colour-printed inner jacket and a free CD of the album included inside). All pre-orders will receive 1bonus track (a demo version mp3 of 'All The While), and all physical product pre-orders from our shop will also include a free digital album download in a choice of formats plus a Barzin sticker and badge while supplies last.

About 'To Live Alone In That Long Summer':

Canadian songwriter Barzin will release his fourth full-length album, To Live Alone In That Long Summer, on February 24th, 2014 on Monotreme Records. His past work has won acclaim from NPR Music “Song of The Day”,, Stereogum, Uncut, Exclaim!, and La Blogotheque among others. 'To Live Alone...' follows his well-received 2009 album 'Notes To An Absent Lover', praised by Mojo Magazine as 'Americana Album of The Month'.

In the not insignificant stretch of time since his last release, Barzin has pursued projects outside his own songwriting, including assisting in producing his compatriots Memoryhouse’s recent album, 'The Slideshow Effec't (Subpop Records). He has also written a book of poems entitled, 'Something I Have Not Done Is Following Me.'

When he began work on To Live Alone... 3 years ago, Barzin originally envisioned a stripped down affair, but has since traveled in a different direction. While still embracing a relatively minimalist aesthetic, songs that alternate between up and down-tempo are replete with arrangements that envelope the listener like the warm glow of fading daylight. “All the While”, one of the highlights of the album, is at once both elegiac and hopeful, with its bright guitar and brisk tempo underpinned by mournful strings and Barzin’s soft, melancholy vocals. The dark, percussive “In The Dark You Can Love This Place” lends an exotic nocturnal feel with its winding woodwinds. Another standout track, “Fake It ‘til You Make It, is a lush, sweeping cinematic pop number.

To Live Alone In That Long Summer explores such themes as loneliness, intimacy, and connection between strangers. Modern life provides the backdrop to the narrative that run along these songs. Everywhere you look, the city, with its distractions, is present. Fast cars and cheap thrills make an appearance. Dylan sings on the radio while lovers dream of their great escape. Modern life hurries along taking everyone with it, and Barzin goes along for the ride, documenting everything along the way. At the core of the album lies the yearning to become whole again, and to regain the ability to experience genuine intimacy with another human being in the fast paced environment of the city.

The new album features some of Canada’s finest musicians. Nick Zubeck lends a hand as a producer. Tony Dekker (Great Lake Swimmers), Daniela Gesendheit (Snowblink) and Tamara Lindeman (Weather Station) provide backing vocals on several tracks. Sandro Perri comes in as a music consultant and offers advice on the arrangement of the songs. Karen Graves (Hayden) returns with understated string arrangements and the help received from an additional cast of stellar musicians results in Barzin’s strongest record to date. “I feel I’ve been trying to create this album since I began making records,” says Barzin.”

The album will be available on CD and digital formats, as well as a limited 180 gm vinyl LP (100 black, 300 white vinyl) which includes a free album CD. Pre-orders from the Monotreme Records website will also receive 2 digital downloads of previously unreleased tracks, plus a free sticker and pin whilst supplies last. Pre order at:

Pressing Information

Vinyl: Pressing of 400 180 gm LPs - 300 white vinyl, 100 black vinyl with full colour-printed inner sleeve. All include a free album CD in a colour printed card wallet.


  1. All The While
  2. Without Your Light
  3. In The Dark You Can Love This Place
  4. Stealing Beauty
  5. Fake It 'til You Make It
  6. In The Morning
  7. You Were Made For All Of This
  8. Lazy Summer
  9. It's Hard To Love Blindly
  10. All The While (demo)[bonus track]