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Stumbleine Feat. Violet Skies 'Dissolver' album Mono-84

Released 21 April 2014.

All physical products ordered from this web shop will also receive a digital download link for the album by email on the album, starting from the release date.

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Following the release of their debut collaborative EP, Chasing Honeybees, in February, UK producer Stumbleine (aka Peter Cooper) and vocalist/songwriter Violet Skies deliver their first full-length album, Dissolver.

In it, the duo continues to explore the fusion of Stumbleine’s electronic beats and dreamy, shoegaze guitars with Violet Skies’ soulful pop / R’NB vocals.

From the slow-burning soul of opener Thunderdome through the catchy melodic pop of Sunset Boulevard and Heroine, the propulsive R’NB of Her Touch and Whirlpool and the swirling shoegaze-infused balladry of One Step Closer and Sleeping Through The Day, Dissolver delivers a welcome progression to the pop genre that seamlessly blends classic pop sensibilities with modern R’NB, contemporary electronica and 80’s shoegaze indie.

The music still retains the trademark lush production that Stumbleine is noted for, with strong melody lines and compelling lyrics penned by Violet Skies.

With Violet now involved in the songwriting, Peter affirms that she’s given Stumbleine a face and stamped his music with her personality. “She makes the music stand out and has opened the door to a wider audience,” he says, “I’ve pushed myself much harder over the past year to create something a bit different”,

With Dissolver, Peter has added Violet’s vitality to the dreamy essence of Stumbleine and the results are breathtaking.

Violet Skies has recently launched her own solo career, with the recent debut of her first track “How The Mighty”.

Dissolver is available on CD and digital download formats from all good retailers and also as a 180 gm vinyl LP pressing of 500 (300 white vinyl, 200 black vinyl) which includes a free poster and an album CD in a printed card wallet inside. Pre-orders from the Monotreme Records web shop will also receive a free previously unreleased bonus track download. Physical pre-orders from the shop will also receive free Stumbleine Feat. Violet Skies badges and stickers whilst supplies last. Pre-order here:

1. Thunderdome
2. Sunset Boulevard
3. We’re Shadows
4. Her Touch
5. Heroine
6. Whirlpool
7. One Step Closer
8. Baby Don’t Go
9. XYZ
10. Sleeping Through The Day

Pressing Information

CD comes in a 4-panel digifile.

Vinyl is a pressing of 500 on 180 gm black (200 copies) and 180 gm white (300 copies) vinyl. Included inside of the vinyl package is a free poster and album CD in a printed card wallet.

All physical products ordered from this web shop will also receive a digital download link for the album by email on the album release day.