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Niagara 'Don't Take It Personally' CD / Vinyl / Digital album + extras Mono-88

Released 8 September 2014 on Monotreme Records.

Pre-orders will include a free digital download of the album in a choice of formats. Physical product orders will include a free Niagara sticker and pin whilst supplies last.

Stream and download a free track from the album, 'Fat Kaoss' here:

Under The Radar have premiered the new video for the track 'Currybox':

‘Don’t Take It Personally’ is the second full-length album from Turin-based experimental pop duo Niagara.

Niagara is the collaborative project of artists/producers David Tomat (TOMAT / N.A.M.B./ GEMINI EXCERPT) and Gabriele Ottino (N.A.M.B. / Milena Lovesick / GEMINI EXCERPT), whose off-kilter take on pop incorporates elements of electronic, psychedelic, Eastern and dance music.

There is always a concept behind Niagara's music. This time it’s about the ongoing struggle to balance our desire to develop and exploit technology against the need to make technology more sympathetic to nature.

The album will be issued on CD and digital formats as well as a limited edition 300 copy pressing on 180 gm pink vinyl with a free album CD included.

Niagara have released a full-length album, ‘Otto’, in 2013 and a self-titled 4-track digital EP in February 2012.


Davide Tomat: vocals, piano, gtr, synth, organ, programming.
Gabriele Ottino: vocals, piano, gtr, ukulele, synth, organ, programming
Paolo Scapazzoni: drums and bordi
Davide Arneodo: violins in Currybox and China Eclipse and organs in Vanillacola
Ivan Bert: trumpet and flicorno in John Barret
Enrico Allavena: trumpet, trombone, flicorno in Laes and Currybox.
Utku Tavil: drums in Speak&Spell
Francesco Serasso: percussion in Laes and programming in Pop Eye
Diego Perrone: vocals and gtr in Bloom, vocals and programming in Else and Vanilla Cola.

Recorded and produced by Niagara in Berlin, Autumn 2013 and by Niagara and Claudio Tortorici at Superbudda Studio. Mixed by Maurizio Borgna. Mastered by Francesco Donadello @ Calyx Mastering Studio.

Pressing Information

Limited vinyl pressing of 300 on solid pink vinyl with free album CD in card wallet included inside.


  1. John Barrett
  2. Fat Kaoss
  3. Vanilla Cola
  4. Speak & Spell
  5. Laes
  6. Curry Box
  7. Popeye
  8. China Eclipse
  9. Else
  10. Bloom