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Midas Fall 'Evaporate' album - CD, 180g vinyl LP or digital download MONO-130

Released 27 April 2018.

Listen to the title track here:

‘Evaporate’, the fourth album from Scottish duo Midas Fall (Elizabeth Heaton and Rowan Burn), is a visceral display of ferocious beauty.

Recorded in Argyll, Scotland, the album shimmers with a dark, gothic grace, delicate and brutal in equal measure. The title-track sweeps through tidal waves of Elizabeth Heaton’s towering vocals atop progressive post-rock landscapes both menacing and affirming, whilst the cinematic build of ‘Lapsing’ and the heavenly crush of final track ‘Howling at the Clouds’ pull vigorously at the heart. ‘In Sunny Landscapes’ is a magical, magnificently radiant world of its own, elegantly bringing its title to life.

Extremely emotive and vivid, ‘Evaporate’ is a deeply beautiful record – from the desperate, savage cacophony of ‘Bruise Pusher’ to the elegant ascension of ‘Sword to Shield’ – it conjures stunning soundscapes at every turn.

The album will be released worldwide by Monotreme Records on 27 April 2018 on CD and digital formats, as well as a limited pressing of 500 LPs on 180 g vinyl (200 black and 300 clear blue / black, with a colour printed inner sleeve and a free album CD in a printed card wallet included inside.)
CD and LP orders from this webshop will also receive a digital download link via email for the album in a choice of formats at no extra cost.

Pressing Information

180 g vinyl LP - 500 (300 clear blue with black centre, 200 black) - with colour-printed inner sleeve and free album CD inside


  1. Bruise Pusher
  2. Evaporate
  3. Soveraine
  4. Glue
  5. Sword to Shield
  6. Dust and Bone
  7. Awake
  8. In Sunny Landscapes
  9. Lapsing
  10. Howling at the Clouds