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Barzin 'Studio 13 Session Live At Revolution Recordings' (EP) MONO-141

Whilst working on his forthcoming fifth studio album (scheduled for release in early 2020), Canadian singer / songwriter Barzin was invited to Revolution Recording Studios in Toronto last year to record five live tracks for their ‘Studio 13 Sessions’ series.

The session included live versions of four tracks from Barzin’s most recent album, ‘To Live Alone In That Long Summer’ (2014), as well as a beautifully moving re-imagining of the Songs:Ohia song ‘Blue Factory Flame’.

The EP will be released on 7 June 2019 worldwide on Monotreme Records.


Recorded at Revolution Recordings, summer 2018
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ali Kamali
Diana Blanche - Backing Vocals
Joao Carvalho - Piano
Marito Marques - Drums
Nick Zubeck - Electric Guitar
Josh Cole - Bass
Sina Salimi - Santur


All The While
In The Dark You Can Love This Place
It's Hard To Love Blindly
You Were Made For All Of This
Blue Factory Flame

Cover photo credit: Alicja Brodowicz


  1. All The While
  2. In The Dark You Can Love This Place
  3. Hard To Love Blindly
  4. We Were Made For All Of This
  5. Blue Factory Flame