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Midas Fall 'Cover Songs' digital EP MONO-212

This is a digital-only EP, available in a choice of formats. Release date: 7 April 2023. A download link will be emailed to customers starting on the release date.

Listen to 'Creep':

About 'Cover Songs EP':

During a break from writing Midas Fall’s fifth album, Elizabeth Heaton took some ideas that had been incubating for a while and, along with bandmate Michael Hamilton, applied their own unique perspective to three well-loved songs by Bruce Springsteen (Dancing in the Dark), Radiohead (Creep) and Placebo (Every You Every Me).

Cover Songs EP sees Springsteen’s driving rock anthem reimagined as a quieter, more introspective narrative, imbued with ‘80s synths and Heaton’s softly hopeful vocals. Radiohead’s Creep is a dreamy, kaleidoscopic waltz that slowly builds to a raging climax. On Every You Every Me, the icy undertones of Placebo’s original version are magnified even further, evoking a bleak landscape cloaked in dark, haunting sounds.

Cover Songs EP will be released digitally worldwide by Monotreme Records on 7 April.

Scottish band Midas Fall are currently putting the final tweaks on their eagerly awaited fifth album, the follow-up album to Evaporate (2018), for which they won Prog Magazine’s ‘Limelight Award’.


Elizabeth Heaton - vocals, guitars, synths, piano, drums
Michael Hamilton - bass, guitars, synths, piano, drums
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Elizabeth Heaton
Artwork by Steven Pellatt


  1. Dancing in the Dark
  2. Creep
  3. Every You Every Me