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Barzin 'The Shadow of My Life (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)' Digital Album MONO224DD

Release date: 17 January, 2024
Digital download in a choice of formats to be delivered as a download link by email.

Soundtrack for the film, 'The Shadow of My Life', by Hajar Moradi.
The story follows a young artist, Hanna, who immigrates to Canada. She soon finds herself struggling with depression as she tries to find her place as an artist in the new context.

In her quest to rediscover herself anew, Hanna finds the lives and inspirational works of other artists the best motivation to create art and combat depression.

This film tells a story about how art comes to save an artist, to save Hanna.

The film was the finalist at the 2023 Canadian Screen Awards in the Best Animated Short Category. It also went on to be selected by other festivals such as Amsterdam International Film Festival, Mecal Pro, The Barcelona International Short, and Animation Festival, and Shorts México - Mexico International Short Film Festival.


  1. Main Theme
  2. An Opening
  3. Folded Petal
  4. Canvas
  5. Starry Night
  6. A Meeting in the Rain
  7. Feathers
  8. A Dark Pool
  9. Persona