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Stumbleine 'Deleted Scene' album MONO-232

Release date 14 June 2024. Digital download links will be delivered by email.

Listen to the first single, 'I Can Stop Any Time I Like':

Deleted Scene, the 8th studio album from UK producer Stumbleine, overflows with beautiful nostalgia-tinged electronica. The album is steeped with cloud-like beauty, with opener I Can Stop Anytime I Like fusing addictive sampled vocals with soft, glassy guitars, as if a reflecting pool of the listeners’ memories. Cinderhaze ripples that pool with a more driving, magnetic force, shifting and pulling its emotional weight in cyclic waves. Ursa Minor Sleeps Forever is fittingly sleepy, circling soft slow synth arpeggios in a dreamy haze, a sound built upon by Somnia to an epiphany-like string bed, never straying too far from Stumbleine’s serene haven of melodic grace. On Catastrophette Stumbleine crafts a more dramatic and poignant web of sound, as if running through the memories created by the rest of Deleted Scene.

The album as a whole is an escape to a dream-state of Stumbleine’s making, captivating, yet familiar, and completely enveloping.

According to Peter, “Deleted scene refers to the memories that play over and over inside your own head, replaying hazy copies of hazy copies that evolve into a bittersweet fever dream. Everybody has their own unique collection of deleted scenes slowly distorting and fading away.”

'Stumbleine is the alias of Peter Cooper. With roots in the UK post rock scene, the reclusive producer began blending slow dream-like pop with fractured lo-fi beats as Stumbleine in 2012. Melancholic rnb vocals ebb and flow above submerged guitar ballads. Sand blasted samples intertwine with broken beats to create music with a nostalgic fragile warmth. Stumbleine is known for a DIY ethic, releasing music directly to fans or via the independent label Monotreme Records.'

Deleted Scene will be released on June 14th digitally, as a CD in a colour printed slipcase cover and as a limited vinyl edition of 300 copies on 180 g white vinyl.


Peter Cooper: all songs / instruments
Cover art by Knysh Ksenya

UK/US press: Cannonball PR –
Europen press: Five Roses Press –


Pressing Information

Vinyl LP: Limited pressing of 300 copies on 180 g white vinyl, with digital download coupon.

CD: Comes in a printed card wallet (slipcase without a spine)


  1. I Can Stop Anytime I Like
  2. Cinderhaze
  3. Rose Tinted Smile
  4. By the World Forgot
  5. Hundreds and Thousands
  6. Ursa Minor Sleeps Forever
  7. Smoke Yourself Thin
  8. Somnia
  9. Catastrophette