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‘Dreamstone’ is the debut long-player from the highly talented UK producer Sorrow.

Sorrow’s electronic, beats-driven music floats above the furthest reaches of Ambient Dubstep, propelled aloft by a dubbed out, sonorous Garage hybrid of his own invention.

A series of self-released tracks, remixes and EPs over the last two years, as well as collaborations with other artists (including Stumbleine, Asa and Submerse) have rapidly earned him a profile as one of the UK’s rising producers.

True to his moniker, Sorrow’s music has an underlying current of melancholy, with mournful strings and piano and ghostly vocals, but he balances the mood artfully with head-bobbing beats and a wonky sense of humour that emerges unexpectedly here and there.

In ‘Dreamstone’, the lush strings and languid zig-zag beats of ‘Embrace’ flow into the Bossa Nova lounge of ‘Maelys’, which in turn yields to the darker, more experimental tones of ‘Supernova’.

From the chilled out ambience of ‘Dalliance’, featuring the sultry guest vocals of CoMa, to the restless, more aggressive beats of ‘Intruder’, ‘Dreamstone’ works equally well for late night sonic explorations or laid-back Sunday mornings.

Stream or download two tracks from the album here:

Sorrow - 'Dreamstone' Album Sampler by Monotreme Records

The album is available in gatefold wallet CD and digital download formats, as well as a deluxe 180 gm vinyl edition (200 copies black vinyl, 300 copies white vinyl with black splatter – all vinyl albums come with a free album CD).

RIYL: Stumbleine, Burial, Synkro, El-B, Phaeleh, Scuba, Kahn, Swarms, Clubroot