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Hailing from Sheffield, UK, 65daysofstatic play mainly instrumental music which combines glitchy electronica, dance music and loud rock guitar

Acclaimed for their live shows, the group has toured across the world, including a worldwide tour supporting The Cure in 2008.!/65dos

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A project that began in 1995, Barzin was a solo endeavor at its inception. Somewhere along the way, however, Barzin shed its solitary skin and introduced a wide array of characters into its sound. Some of the musicians who’ve been involved in this project over the years are Tony Dekker (Great Lake Swimmers), Sandro Perri (Polmo Polpo), Nick Zubeck (Sun Kill Moon) and Diana Planche (The Paint Movement).

Barzin has released four albums to this date. On 2003, Barzin released his self-titled debut album through the Montreal based label, Where Are My Records. In 2006, the second full-length album titled, "My Life in Rooms", was released through Monotreme Records. "Notes to An Absent Lover" was released world wide in 2009 by Monotreme Records. It was recorded by Don Kerr (Ron Sexsmith, Rheostatics) and Jeremy Darby (Pink Floyd, Lou Reed), and mixed by Chad Irschick and Darryl Neudorf (Neko Case, The New Pornographers). "To Live Alone In That Long Summer", his fourth album, was released in March 2014 by Monotreme Records and Ghost Records (Italy only). Some of the people involved in the making of this album are Sandro Perri, Les Cooper, Tony Dekker of Great Lake Swimmers. Daniela Gesundheit of Snowblink, Tamara Lindeman of Weather Station and other talented musicians.

Barzin has toured extensively around the world. His albums have been featured in some of music’s biggest publications. Mojo Magazine selected "Notes To An Absent Lover" as their Americana album of the month. Rolling Stone, New York Times and USA Today featured his latest record, "To Live Alone In That Long Summer". Interviews with Billboard magazine and Exclaim, and features on MTV Italy, Village and have raised Barzin’s profile around the world. His albums have received 4 star reviews in publications such as Uncut, Q, All Music, Village Voice, The Independent, Chart, Now. His music was chosen as NPR’s song of the day. On tour in Europe, he was selected by the popular music site “La Blogotheque” to participate in their “Take Away Shows” series, which involves shooting a live music video for them to feature on their website. Other artists who’ve participated in this project are Arcade Fire, Grizzly Bear, Beirut, Tom Jones, The National, and many other popular artists. Barzin has begun working as a producer over the past couple of years. The latest album he was involved in and helped produced was "The Slideshow Effect", which was the debut album for the band Memoryhouse. The album went on to be released by the prestigious American label, Subpop Records. Currently, he is working on Set Feux’s upcoming album.

Over the past couple of years, Barzin’s music has been featured in several films and documentaries. A song by Barzin was featured in the ABC T.V. series “Wonderland.” as well as on T.V. shows such as “Shattered, ”, “Felicity”, “The Listener”, “Less Than Kind” and the HBO series “Vice Principals.” A major motion picture called “Meno male che ci sei” directed by the well-known Italian film maker, Luis Prieto, used a song from his latest album in the soundtrack. “Nuummioq”, the first international film from Greenland, directed by Torben Bech and Otto Rosing, featured Barzin’s song “Over My Blue” in the soundtrack. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Some of the other places where Barzin’s music has been used are the series ‘Animal Planet’ and in Alan Zweig’s documentary “Lovable”, as well “The Singhampton Project.” Vincent Moon, the filmmaker who has made videos for bands such as R.E.M and The National directed Barzin’s first music video, which was debuted on the popular music blog Stereogum. In 2021, Barzin composed the soundtrack for the film “Viewfinder” directed by the British filmmaker, Jason Yeomans.

Barzin’s new album, "Voyeurs in The Dark", which was five years in making, is set to be released in May 2022 by Monotreme Records.

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Ed Tullett

Born in Oxford, Ed Tullett began composing music at a young age upon moving close to Brighton.
After having remixes of Bon Iver ("Hinnom, TX" Remix released on the Spotify Bon Iver Stems Project album) and Local Natives recognized and shared by the artists, Tullett's work began to shift away from early acoustic material. Since finding his feet with performances at SXSW and a year spent writing, his work has developed significantly, crafting his own falsetto and harmony-rich dark electronic-acoustic niche.

Tullett is currently readying his new record, which he considers his true debut, showing his own natural progression from the influences of modern melodic folk, alternative R&B, and dream pop elements.
Other ongoing projects include working on a full-length release in collaboration with burgeoning alt-folk artist Novo Amor, with love for their single "Faux" reaching from NPR to BBC Radio 1 and a placement in the television series, 'Bones'.

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Fops is a collaboration between lyricist Chadwick Donald Bidwell of Ral Partha Vogelbacher and singer Dee Kesler of Thee More Shallows.

Taking their musical cues from the syncopated electronic figures of Krautrockers such as Cluster and Faust, and the propulsive, brooding pop of the bands they grew up listening to in the 80’s, the duo have recorded one albums, ‘Yeth Yeth Yeth’, released in September 2010, and a limited cassette/digital EP, 'For Centuries', released in September 2011.

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Jeniferever is a 4-piece band from Uppsala, Sweden. They have released 4 eps and 2 albums since 2002, and have played over 300 live shows across Europe. Over the years, they have gained an ever-growing band of admirers, who have bestowed descriptions such as ‘lush’, ‘melodic’, ‘swooping’, ‘glacial’, ‘beautiful’, ‘shimmering’, ‘sublime’, ‘electrifying’ and ‘atmospheric’ on their music.

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In addition to touring Europe numerous times with his instrumental power trio STEARICA, sharing the stage with bands such as Girls Against Boys, Acid Mothers Temple, NoMeansNo, Dälek, Damo Suzuki and Coliseum, as well as working as a session player with several Italian acts, Davide Compagnoni has been hard at work developing his electrifying new solo project KHOMPA: an adventurous mix of drumming, electronics and cutting edge drum triggering technology.

KHOMPA is a unique audiovisual live act whose main elements are: a drummer, a conventional drum kit, 4 drum triggers, a laptop and a stepsequencer. Each drum controls a virtual musical instrument (synthesizers, samplers, etc.) within Ableton Live music software that, in combination with a custom stepsequencer (developed with MaxforLive app), allows Davide to perform real melodies/electronic orchestration without the use of any backing track, loops or click track. 100% live. KHOMPA's live show will also be enhanced by an innovative custom lightning set that will be controlled by the same triggers used for the music.

Musically, ‘The Shape Of Drums To Come’ is a multifarious amalgamation of styles and genres. Whilst it is predominantly an electronic record, in keeping with the title (a tribute to the seminal ‘The Shape Of Punk To Come’ by Refused), the album is laced with a brilliantly challenging punk attitude whilst flirting with the avant-garde, using experimental rhythms and atmospherics. It’s no surprise that the album is due to be released via Monotreme Records (home to the likes of This Will Destroy You, 65daysofstatic and sleepmakeswaves).

Tracks such as opener, ‘Nettle Empire’, combine complex rhythms with mellifluous and harmonious synth based melodies. It’s a clear display of technical prowess, without losing its intricate and well-formed composition and song structuring. Other tracks such as ‘The Shape’ and ‘Louder’ lean more towards the heavier side of the spectrum, sonically sitting somewhere in between the harsh electronic noise of early-HEALTH and Fuck Buttons and Davide’s previous experimental/avant-rock output with STEARICA. Elsewhere, the record continues to develop and evolve with tracks such as ‘Upside-Down World’ moving into an altogether more progressive sound combining ambient and melancholic instrumentation with idiosyncratic Japanese guest vocals from Taigen Kawabe of Bo Ningen. ‘Wrong Time Wrong Place’ also features guest production and electronics by Davide Tomat from the experimental electronic pop band Niagara (Monotreme Records), of which Davide Compagnoni was a founding member.

This is the first album to ever be recorded live in this way, which is a monumental achievement in itself, however KHOMPA has managed to find the perfect balance between style and substance. ‘The Shape Of Drums To Come’ is a consummated and diverse release with a title that embraces the punk-meets-electronic attitude of the record, as well as the innovative side of the project itself.

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The playful, sophisticated dance pop of Italian duo M+A's second album These Days is so seamlessly hooky and compelling that upon listening it's hard to imagine a world without it. It's a perfect distillation of a yearning for endless summer.

M+A's 2011 debut Things.Yes was an inventive and spirited exploration of an organic, heartfelt variety of genre-hopping electro-acoustic pop that promised many good things to come from the young artists. But, perhaps nothing could've prepared us for These Days.

M+A is Michele Ducci, 22, (vocals, instruments) and Alessandro Degli Angioli, 25, (instruments) of Forli, Italy. Much like their French neighbors to the northwest, M+A explore dance music as a medium for emotional expression much more than a conduit for cold, cut 'n' pasted samples and beats. M+A's euphoric electronic pop is clever, but not for cleverness' sake. Ducci's earnest and delicate vocals, which hearken to the warmth of Phoenix's Thomas Mars, pair the bittersweet edge found in the best classic pop songs with the buttoned-up retro dance grooves of Beck and Daft Punk's Random Access Memories.


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Michael Hamilton

Michael Hamilton is a composer who is just as capable of tugging on your heart strings as bursting your ear drums. In his work you’ll hear everything from symphony orchestras, to retro synthesizers, to the 8-string guitars that linger from his days as a death metal guitarist. In addition to his work as a solo artist, Michael is also known for his work on video game and film soundtracks and, alongside collaborator, Ross Cairns, is also a prolific techno producer whose tracks have been released by record labels and heard on dancefloors from all across the globe.

When he’s not composing, Michael works as a session musician, performing with various internationally renowned artists, and can be found onstage as the bassist of Progressive Music Award winning post-rock band, Midas Fall.

In addition to all this, Michael has also maintained a consistent flow of releases as a solo artist. Michael’s solo releases display not only his versatility as a composer and his technical ability as a musician, but also his complete disregard for genre boundaries, consistency, and conventions. Michael first showcased his unique brand of melodic math-rock with a distinctly jazzy edge on his 2017 EP, Studies. Fully embracing his jazz influences, Michael followed this up with Nu Jazz: a collection of somewhat unorthadox arrangements of classic jazz standards. In 2019, he released the Godawful EP, returning to and further refining his signature, light-hearted blend of math-, prog- and post-rock.

2020 saw Michael take his music to more cinematic territories, incorporating more electronic and sound design elements, with his debut album and accompanying visual art piece, Pale Shadows of Forgotten Names. After much of this album’s feedback included descriptors such as ‘soundtrack’ and ‘cinematic’, Michael quickly followed this release up with Under a Proud and Merciless Sun, which marked his first foray into the realm of video game/film scoring. A would-be original soundtrack, abandoning guitar almost entirely, the album comprises delicate, emotional piano-led pieces; dramatic orchestral suites; and dense, atmospheric electronic soundscapes - a far cry from his math-rock roots.

While much of Michael’s output in 2021/22 would be focused primarily on video game and film soundtracks (owing to the success of his previous album), as well as several successful releases on techno labels across the world, he would still find time to work on his third solo album, A Language Forever. Now presenting himself more as a composer than just a guitarist, Michael’s continued dedication to broadening his horizons has made for his most ambitious, sophisticated and emotive compositions to date.

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Michele Ducci

‘SIVE’ is a lovingly crafted collection of heartfelt songs by Michele Ducci, focusing primarily on piano and Michele’s soft, soulful vocals.

Michele Ducci was the ‘M’ in the electro-pop duo ‘M+A’, who released two albums on Monotreme Records, the second of which, ‘These Days’, earned the band a place in The Guardian’s ‘best new bands of 2014’ list and saw them perform live on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury and at the Venice Biennale.

The duo then formed a new project, Santii, which involved several Hip Hop artists including Rejjie Snow, Mick Jenkins and Music Producer Supah Mario (Drake, Young Thug), releasing two EPs on Italian label Sugar Records before going their separate ways due to artistic differences.

A short stint in another band led Michele to realise that he wanted to make music on his own, away from external commercial or career pressures. Says Michele, "I went back to the house where I was born and where I first started playing. After the pandemic I had practically no instruments anymore except a guitar with three strings and a pianola. I needed to make a record that I had never been able to make and that I had always dreamed of making. Something very essential: with the piano and the voice."

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Midas Fall

Following on from their 2010 debut album, ‘Eleven. Return and Revert’, from which the track ‘MovieScreens’ acquired a cult following after being used in the soundtrack to UK television series ‘Lip Service’,UK-based Midas Fall return with a 5-track ep, ‘As Our Blood Separates’, comprising 3 new songs plus a remix of ‘MovieScreens’ and a cover version of Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Hurt’.

Elizabeth Heaton’s soaring vocals form a stunning centerpiece, around which band members Rowan Burn, Simon Morgan and Steven Pellatt interweave a gorgeous swirl of progressive/post/alternative rock -- achieving a balance of complexity and accessibility that many bands could only ever hope to accomplish.

Emotionally intense yet also melodic and tender, ‘As Our Blood Separates’ draws you in with both its beauty and power.
Twitter: @MidasFall

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N.A.M.B. is a band from Turin, Italy. Ask them what the initials stand for, and you will probably get a different answer every time. Visit their Myspace page one day, and you might see the caption “Nascere Artisti Morire Buffoni” (“Born Artists, Die Clowns”), but the following day it could be something entirely different, like “Neuroni Annoiati Masticano Boiate” (“Bothered Neurons Chew Rubbish”) One thing we do know for certain: their second album, ‘BMAN’, is a magnificent sonic adventure, with a psychedelic flair reminiscent of The Flaming Lips, dynamics and industrial elements á la Nine Inch Nails, massive stadium-friendly tunes and, beating underneath it all, a big heart of soulful pop.

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Nedry are a trio by way of London, Osaka and Guildford whose distillation of advanced rhythmic structures, low frequencies and raw human tones stand uniquely at a fascinating sonic crux of leftfield, club and indie juncture.

Drawing on the gothic undertones of David Lynch – and at points, absorbing T.S. Elliot’s ‘Four Quartets’, vocalist Ayu Okakita revels in ruminations urging acceptance of the shadows; to permit the darkness to settle around her.

British bass music clings to few modern regulations. As grey areas become inviting, zones of conflict are transformed into fertile new ground. Nedry are dictating a path that recognizes no genre, no structures, no rules. Ripping progressive dance culture out of the bedroom producers’ smoke stained confines and planting it resolutely on the live stage, Matt and Chris utilize MPC, laptops, guitars and synths to create a deep, thoughtful musical space.

Nedry are dissolving the distance between this cutting edge and hungry audience. Splicing a band aesthetic with the ‘heads down and thumbs up’ bass craft of the UK, they gift the faceless revolution of dark music an inviting visage within which we can all dwell.

As comfortable on the dancefloor of London clubs like The Boiler Room or FWD>> nights as they are onstage at The Great Escape or Barcelona’s Sonar electronic showcase – Nedry are the hypnotic, tender and evolving exponent of the delightful mutation that we face each day in Britain’s refreshingly wobbly musical culture.

“When a band is as good, as versatile and as daring as Nedry, you hope the wider world will stand up and take notice.”
Huw Stephens, BBC Radio1

UK press by Hermana:
German press by Starkult:
Rest of Europe press by Five Roses:
North American press by Us/Them:

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Niagara is a musical project with a strong experimental flavour, born in Turin in 2007 at Superbudda Studio. It brings together the artistic experiences of three singers / producers, Diego Perrone (Caparezza / Medusa), David Tomat (TOMAT / N.A.M.B./ GEMINI EXCERPT) and Gabriele Ottino (N.A.M.B. / MILENA Lovesick / GEMINI EXCERPT), who like to take a less conventional approach to composition, and strive to transmit sensations not communicable by words. Much of their music is developed by continuous experimentation with sounds during improvised sessions, in which vocals are often used as just another instrumental layer.

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Oliver Spalding

Oliver Spalding is a 23 year-old UK artist with musical roots firmly based in the realm of folk, kindred to its probity and emotional weight. His solo voyage has this at its heart, dressed in delicate electronics, waves of epic grandeur and dauntless honesty, lyrically and sonically, throughout.

At age 13, he took up drums and started to write his own songs. Oliver met UK producer Ed Tullett in January 2015, and in December of the same year the pair began work on his first release, “Unfurl”. A publishing deal with BDi soon followed.

Oliver’s impressive ability to breathe life into the many facets of his eclectic taste and musical range are demonstrated by his various other musical endeavours, including the dreamy gossamer sounds of The Wild State and the heartfelt, yearning Americana of Embasan.

About 'Novemberism' album:

“Novemberism” is the debut album of 23-year-old UK artist Oliver Spalding. As with his debut EP “Unfurl” (2017), the album was written and recorded with producer Ed Tullett (Novo Amor).

Built around Spalding’s staggeringly beautiful voice, the record is full of melodic, immediate songwriting and arresting electronic production.

Asked about his choice of title, Spalding explains, “To be melancholy all year round is to suffer from Novemberism.” And indeed, these 11 tracks are woven together with a common thread of heavyheartedness. Even the more upbeat songs, like title track “Novemberism” and “Bow Creek”, which drive and glisten with intoxicating pop hooks and 80s era synths, recall the darker undercurrents of classic New Order.

Says Spalding, “The album focuses on a certain period of time in my life and the things that happened around me. My honesty in songwriting is key. The aim of this album was to be raw and emotional. Emotions are scary and no one wants to face them, and that’s what I wanted the album to feel like - something that is uncomfortable but also beautifully revealing.

Synthesizers feature heavily across the record, including single “Bow Creek”, where iridescent synth stabs and lush strings wash over a hazy, late-night London. “I’m a huge Roxy Music fan”, says Spalding, “I love Brian Ferry’s work and take inspiration from the Prophet synth sounds on the 80s Bruce Springsteen records.

Opener “Athamé” explodes the record into life with a barrage of saxophone and cymbals, before settling down to “Xanax”’s addictive delayed guitar lines and Spalding’s world-weary vocals. The slow, dark R&B simmer of “Her Crescent” reflects in the dark, ethereal pool of Björk-influenced soundscape “Emissive”, and the quietude of the delicate, piano-led heartbreaker “Golden” gives room to breathe after the gloomy electronic cacophony of “AIBM”. Elsewhere in the album, “Unreal” sees Spalding’s gossamer, spine-tingling falsetto soar to the heavens, and epic power ballad “Everglades” lifts Spalding’s voice to its towering, affecting peak, bringing the album to a close with a shudder of thundering drums.


Music and lyrics by Oliver Spalding and Ed Tullett
Lead vocals by Oliver Spalding | Harmony vocals by Ed Tullett
Violin by David Grubb
Drums and piano by Ali Lacey
Saxophone and flute by Anna Perry
All other instruments by Ed Tullett and Oliver Spalding
Recorded by Ed Tullett | Mixed by Ed Tullett and Greg Giorgio | Mastered by Joe Lambert
Images by Benjamin Bardou

US press:
UK press:
Rest of Europe press:

About 'Unfurl' EP:

Brighton-based Oliver Spalding’s debut EP ‘Unfurl’ is a huge, ambitious statement of intent. The 21 year-old’s soulful voice aches with the emotion and craft of one at least twice his age, whether soaring over synthetic walls of sound, or pitched down to a low siren against soft electronic drones.

Carefully scaled up from abstract ideas with producer Ed Tullett, Spalding’s first release showcases his haunting vocal amid a sparkling web of shimmering synthesisers and broken pianos, one moment grand and intricate, the next modest and intimate. Both ‘Hiraeth’ and the magnificently epic single ‘Epoch’ reverberate with Spalding’s powerful, felt desire and despair, whilst ‘Unfurl’ creeps slowly to a labyrinth of staggered synths, and ‘Reverse Hurt’ twists and turns between eerie hums and glistening peaks.

‘Unfurl’ is out November 17th, 2017 worldwide on Monotreme Records.


Oliver Spalding:

‘Novemberism’ (album) 2019, Monotreme Records
‘Unfurl’ (EP) 2017, Monotreme Records

Other projects:

The Wild State:

‘Light Along The Waves’ (album) 2019, Beverly Martel

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'Labyrinths' - A debut album of beats & noise from 65daysofstatic’s Paul Wolinski

After ten years (give or take) on the road and on the record with 65daysofstatic, Paul Wolinski finally steps out from behind that particular outfit's notorious smokescreen and emerges as POLINSKI, a man with a laptop, some synths and a plan, in the meta-physical sense of the word.
Twitter: @polinski

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Operatives A & B began recording for the Reigns organisation in 2002. Their first album, “We Lowered a Microphone into the Ground”, was a series of recordings made within a seemingly “bottomless” hole found upon the Somerset Downs. Their follow-up, “Styne Vallis”, was recorded in and around a submerged village that had been evacuated and strategically flooded in 1970 to make way for a new reservoir. “The House on the Causeway”, their third long player, explored an abandoned House at the end of a fog-shrouded causeway.

Their 4th album, 'The Widow Blades', will be released worldwide on 24 October 2011.
Twitter: @ReignsOfWessex

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Samson Ashe

Born and raised in north London, Samson Ashe achieved a great buzz with his debut single ‘Too Rough' (37 Adventures, 2017), which received international acclaim including support by BBC Radio1, Virgin Radio, BBC R1 Xtra, BBC Radio London Introducing (featured artist), Radio X X-Posure, Clash Magazine, The Line Of Best Fit and more. Alongside this he was featured on over 16 New Music Friday playlists, with over 600k plays on Spotify and 41,000 organic SoundCloud plays.

Samson is currently working with Toby Scott, Cashmere Cat, Joe Rubel and Alunageorge and will be releasing more singles into 2021, as well as working on his debut album.

About 'Fun':

Press play to the carefree days of the past. 'Fun' is Samson Ashe's warm, nostalgic ode to growing up in the 90's - that magical period of childhood when things were much simpler and you could just be yourself because there was no pressure to be anything else.

Produced by P*nut (Amy Winehouse, Dido, Wiley) and biLLLy (Emily Burns, Betsy), Fun is playful and effervescent with a chorus that will get stuck in your head for days.

Says Samson, “Fun is a nostalgic ode to childhood when things were more simple and there was no price to who you were because nobody cared...I really miss that. Unapologetically I am who I am and I miss and need that fearless kid that grew up in Stamford Hill...his honestly and unfiltered voice.. I hope the vibe’s captured, please enjoy.”

Samson Ashe won hearts and critical acclaim with his debut track ‘Too Rough’ (released via 37Adventures) back in 2017, showcasing a head turning vocal range and rare vibrancy. The London UK born and bred singer-songwriter takes inspiration from an eclectic melting pot of fellow artists including Prince, Young Fathers, Oasis and Naughty By Nature. Not someone to be easily put in a box, you can expect a diverse showcase of Ashe’s talent to be rolled out this year.
Keep a close eye on his as he reveals more over the coming months.

The track will be available on all digital platforms as well as a download option from the Monotreme Records webshop:


Music and lyrics by Samson Ashe, P*nut, biLLLy and Jean Mark Jean Marie
Produced by Samson Ashe, P*nut, biLLLy
Artwork by Luke Drozd

Worldwide press:
Worldwide radio:

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sleepmakeswaves is a melodic instrumental rock quartet from Sydney, Australia, whose debut album “…and so we destroyed everything” made such an impact in their homeland that it was unprecedentedly nominated for an ARIA award — Australia’s equivalent of the Grammy Awards. Such a coup for a style of music so often marginalized highlights something truly important about this band: its music is so immersive, powerful and evocative that it, above all else, speaks to people on an individual level, beyond categorization.

The strength of great instrumental music is its ability to communicate without the traditional trappings of someone singing about specific emotions. The music itself touches each listener differently. And, as in the case of sleepmakeswaves, there is a symphonic transcendence to the band’s sound that encompasses a wide variety of colours – ranging from ambient soundscapes, to soaring melodic hooks and moments of dark, brooding intensity. There are electronic layers interwoven with slow-burning builds, churning metallic riffs segueing into beautifully lush melodies, wistful strings blossoming out of neo-folk marches. “…and so we destroyed everything” encompasses so much more than is typical of the vast array of sounds to have become known as post-rock, ranging from Sigur Ros to Explosions In the Sky to Russian Circles to Caspian and beyond.

sleepmakeswaves first appeared on the global stage with their 2008 debut EP “in today already walks tomorrow.” Their current lineup of guitarist Jonathan Khor, guitarist Otto Wicks-Green, drummer Tim Adderley and bassist Alex Wilson have spent the better part of the past 2 years touring the world, including performances at SXSW, Dunk! Festival and touring alongside bands such as Karnivool, Boris, Tortoise and more. They have earned a devoted following around the world, for their innovative and expansive music, coupled with an electrifying live show that has seen them sell out venues across their homeland. Recently, Kat Morris, the director of Europe’s leading festival for new music, ‘The Great Escape’, included sleepmakeswaves in her ‘top 5 Australian bands’ list.

Now, Monotreme Records will bring the band’s genre-shattering, listener-uniting sound to a wider audience with the worldwide (excluding Australia and New Zealand) release of “…and so we destroyed everything.” The album will be available as a deluxe 2-CD edition including the 9-track bonus disc, “…and then they remixed everything”, with album tracks remixed by 65daysofstatic, Kyson, and more, and also as a deluxe 180-gram double gatefold vinyl edition (350 copies sepia coloured vinyl, 350 copies white vinyl and 300 copies black vinyl – all include a free album CD, a poster and a digital download coupon for the remix album). The album and remix album will also be available to buy separately as downloads. Pre-orders of all physical albums from the Monotreme Records web shop will include free sleepmakeswaves pins and stickers while supplies last, plus two free previously unreleased bonus tracks. Digital-only pre-orders will also receive the two bonus tracks. There will also be special pre-order-only bundles including a limited edition sleepmakeswaves T-shirt. Pre-order here:

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‘Dreamstone’ is the debut long-player from the highly talented UK producer Sorrow.

Sorrow’s electronic, beats-driven music floats above the furthest reaches of Ambient Dubstep, propelled aloft by a dubbed out, sonorous Garage hybrid of his own invention.

A series of self-released tracks, remixes and EPs over the last two years, as well as collaborations with other artists (including Stumbleine, Asa and Submerse) have rapidly earned him a profile as one of the UK’s rising producers.

True to his moniker, Sorrow’s music has an underlying current of melancholy, with mournful strings and piano and ghostly vocals, but he balances the mood artfully with head-bobbing beats and a wonky sense of humour that emerges unexpectedly here and there.

In ‘Dreamstone’, the lush strings and languid zig-zag beats of ‘Embrace’ flow into the Bossa Nova lounge of ‘Maelys’, which in turn yields to the darker, more experimental tones of ‘Supernova’.

From the chilled out ambience of ‘Dalliance’, featuring the sultry guest vocals of CoMa, to the restless, more aggressive beats of ‘Intruder’, ‘Dreamstone’ works equally well for late night sonic explorations or laid-back Sunday mornings.

Stream or download two tracks from the album here:

Sorrow - 'Dreamstone' Album Sampler by Monotreme Records

The album is available in gatefold wallet CD and digital download formats, as well as a deluxe 180 gm vinyl edition (200 copies black vinyl, 300 copies white vinyl with black splatter – all vinyl albums come with a free album CD).

RIYL: Stumbleine, Burial, Synkro, El-B, Phaeleh, Scuba, Kahn, Swarms, Clubroot

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Emerging from the ever fertile music scene of Bristol, UK, rising electronic producer Stumbleine has already built a sizeable following with several self-released EPs and a recent compilation album, in addition to collaborative outings with Franco producer ASA. He also reports for active duty as one third of dubstep envelope pushers Swarms, whose music has found favour among tastemaker DJs such as Mary Anne Hobbs.

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Stumbleine Feat. Violet Skies

UK producer Stumbleine, who has built a rapidly growing following for his blissed-out, genre-transcending music, has forged a new collaboration with Welsh songwriter/vocalist Violet Skies.

Stream the track 'Clip My Wings', which is 'Track of the Day' on the Clash Music website:

The duo have been hard at work in the studio, crafting a collection of songs that fuse the dreamy, shoegazy atmosphere and beats for which Stumbleine (aka Peter Cooper) is beloved by many, with a more classic pop sensibility, framed in the soulful vocals of Violet Skies.

The EP will be available from all good digital retailers and also as a limited edition CD in printed card wallet from the Monotreme Records web shop.

Chasing Honeybees EP cover 1500


Artist: Stumbleine Feat. Violet Skies
Title: Chasing Honeybees
Catalog no.: Mono-81


1. Clip My Wings
2. Just Tell Me
3. The Moonlight Flood
4. And Then He Kissed Me
5. Caroline

'Chasing Honeybees' is a welcome progression of the pop genre, with nods to the pop music of the 60’s (including a modern update of the Phil Spector classic ‘And Then He Kissed Me’), 80’s shoegaze artists like The Cocteau Twins’, post-dubstep and R’N’B, with songs that drift serenely between heartache and ecstasy. “Shoegaze had a big impact on me – Kevin Shields is one of my favourite producers”, says Peter. “I’m also really inspired by Phil Spector, I love his dedication to finding the ‘perfect’ pop track.”

The music still retains the trademark lush production that Stumbleine is noted for, with strong melody lines and compelling lyrics penned by Violet Skies.

With Violet now involved in the songwriting, the likes of ‘Clip My Wings’ and ‘Just Tell Me’ sparkle and smoulder. Peter admits she’s given Stumbleine a face and stamped his music with her personality. “She makes the music stand out and has opened the door to a wider audience,” he says.

The collaboration has been so productive that a full-length follow-up album is scheduled for release in April 2014. “These five tracks give a good indication of what’s to come – I’ve got more aces lined up for the album. I’ve pushed myself much harder over the past year to create something a bit different”, says Peter.

With ‘Chasing Honeybees’, Peter has added Violet’s vitality to the dreamy essence of Stumbleine and the results are breathtaking.

Violet Skies has recently launched her own solo career, with the recent debut of her first track, “How The Mighty” on popular music site The 405.

‘Chasing Honeybees’ is available digitally through all good retailers and also as a CD in a printed card wallet from the Monotreme Records web shop.

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‘01-06 June’ is the debut album of Davide Tomat from Torino, Italy. It was created over a 6 day period in June 2010 in a series of solo real time improvisation sessions as multi-track recordings using only his voice, an analog monophonic sythesizer and a guitar through effects, loopers, computer and samplers to create multiple layers of voices, sythesizers and guitar. No overdubs were used.

Each song is matched to an historical event that happened between the 1st and the 6th of June during human history: the invention of radio, the Montgolfier brothers’ first hot air balloon flight, the ill-fated Soyuz 11 space mission, the first comet to be photographed, the publication of Orwell’s ‘1984’ and others.

The album is a beautiful collection of sparsely layered, dreamy, drony space-age ambient sonic landscapes, in which Tomat displays his impressive vocal skills. It’s a perfect headphone trip and and ideal soundtrack to explorations of outer (and inner) space.

Davide Tomat has also released music under his other projects, N.A.M.B. and Niagara.

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