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Ed Tullett

Born in Oxford, Ed Tullett began composing music at a young age upon moving close to Brighton.
After having remixes of Bon Iver ("Hinnom, TX" Remix released on the Spotify Bon Iver Stems Project album) and Local Natives recognized and shared by the artists, Tullett's work began to shift away from early acoustic material. Since finding his feet with performances at SXSW and a year spent writing, his work has developed significantly, crafting his own falsetto and harmony-rich dark electronic-acoustic niche.

Tullett is currently readying his new record, which he considers his true debut, showing his own natural progression from the influences of modern melodic folk, alternative R&B, and dream pop elements.
Other ongoing projects include working on a full-length release in collaboration with burgeoning alt-folk artist Novo Amor, with love for their single "Faux" reaching from NPR to BBC Radio 1 and a placement in the television series, 'Bones'.