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Midas Fall 'As Our Blood Separates' MP3 EP Mono-62MP3

Midas Fall 'BPD' by Monotreme Records

Download / stream free mp3 'BPD' from 'As Our Blood Separates'

Following on from their 2010 debut album, ‘Eleven. Return and Revert’, from which the track ‘MovieScreens’ acquired a cult following after being used in the soundtrack to UK television series ‘Lip Service’, Midas Fall return with a 5-track ep, ‘As Our Blood Separates’, comprising 3 new songs plus a remix of ‘MovieScreens’ and a cover version of Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Hurt’.

Elizabeth Heaton’s soaring vocals form a stunning centerpiece, around which band members Rowan Burn, Simon Morgan and Steven Pellatt interweave a beautiful swirl of progressive/post/alternative rock -- achieving a balance of complexity and accessibility that many bands could only ever hope to accomplish.

Emotionally intense yet also melodic and tender, ‘As Our Blood Separates’ draws you in with both its beauty and power.

The EP will be released as a digital download, and as a limited edition CD-R available from the band on tour and from the Midas Fall and Monotreme Records web shops.


  1. BPD
  2. As Our Blood Separates
  3. Carnival Song
  4. Hurt
  5. Moviescreens (Bunkk Bed Remix)