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Nedry 'In A Dim Light' digital album (320 kbps mp3) Mono-65MP3

Second album by Nedry. Released 12 March 2012.

Pre-orders come with 2 digital bonus tracks not found on the album.

Nedry, whose stunning 2010 debut album, ‘Condors’, was heaped with praises from the media on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond, have completed their second album, ‘In A Dim Light’. We are very pleased to tell you that it is even better than their first album.

Free tracks 'Post Six and'Float'' from the album can be streamed / downloaded here:

As their songwriting maturity and recording skills continue to grow by leaps and bounds, Nedry prove themselves more than worthy of all of those early praises and establish themselves as artists who will still be talked about and listened to for many years to come.

We are, of course, thrilled to be releasing this magnificent album in the year that Monotreme Records celebrates its 10th birthday. It perfectly encapsulates the qualities that we cherish in music: intelligence, beauty, soul – and mad skillz aplenty.


  1. I Would Rather Explode
  2. Post Six
  3. Violaceae
  4. Havana Nights
  5. Dusk Till Dawn
  6. Float
  7. Land Leviathan
  8. TMA
  10. Home