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Nedry 'Violaceae' digital (320 kbps mp3) single with 2 b-sides Mono-67MP3

Nedry release a new 3-track single, ‘Violaceae’, from their album, ‘In a Dim Light’, on March 5th 2012.

The digital download-only single includes a new edit of album track ‘Violaceae’ plus two remixes of the track by Polinski and Gazelle Twin.

Drawing on T. S. Eliot’s ‘Four Quartets’ and the gothic undertones of David Lynch, ‘Violaceae’ sees vocalist, Ayu, revelling in ruminations urging acceptance of the shadows; permitting the darkness to settle, carried along by the melodic, half-step soundscapes around her.

Watch the video for the single below:

Stream the track below:


  1. Violaceae (Single Edit)
  2. Violaceae (Polinski Remix)
  3. Violaceae (Gazelle Twin Remix)