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M+A 'remixes.yes' digital (320 kbps) 5-track EP Mono-68MP3

Released 23 April 2012. A download link will be sent by email.

New EP of 4 remixes of other artists’ songs + a cover version of ‘Paper Planes’ by MIA

Italian electronic duo M+A (Michele Ducci, Alessandro Degli Angioli) follow up their ‘things.yes’ album with an EP of remixes of songs by Nedry, Polinski, Emay and Joycut that are more reinventions than remixes. They also include a very fine cover of ‘Paper Planes’ by MIA.

M+A on the Ep:

“These are the 4 remixes created after the release of Things.yes. These remixes are not like ordinary remixes, they are our own tracks and, at the same time, they are somebody else’s. We’re not consistent with our songs, let alone with others’. What seemed like a minor and hasty project, ended up fascinating us. We instantly realised that they were turning into something more than simple remixes. This ep is not just a collection of remixes, it has also become a little “+” of new pieces. A little “+” that gave us the chance to say more Things that –for lack of space- we were not able to say in our album.
Yes. a remix is made by many hands and no hands at all.
Yes. a remix does not have to have any respect whatsoever for the original song.
and Yes. at the end of the day our remix is like a new piece.”


  1. NEDRY – ‘’ (M+A remix)
  2. EMAY ‘Takes Me Back’ (M+A remix)
  3. POLINSKI ‘Tangents’ (M+A remix)
  4. JOYCUT ‘GardenGrey’ (M+A remix)
  5. Paper Planes (MIA cover)

Pressing Information

Digital only release.