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Barzin 'My Life In Rooms' CD and digital album (2006) Mono-17

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Canadian Singer-Songwriter Barzin's 3rd album, released March, 2006.

"quiet and minimalist, dark but heartwarming music that should be cherished by many." -Drowned In Sound

Wacth the video for 'Leaving Time' directed by Vincent Moon:

About 'My Life In Rooms':

Barzin’s second full-length collection of songs, entitled My Life in Rooms, continues the rich, introspective musical dialogue this Canadian band first created with its self-titled debut album in 2003. My Life in Rooms is an album of autumnal music. The collection of songs on this album leans toward the melancholic writing of such bands as Sparklehorse, Red House Painters, Smog, Tindersticks and Mojave 3. Barzin brings together varying instruments such as the drum machine, vibraphone, pedal steel and French horn, to create a sound that is uniquely his own. The music manages to be expansive and at times cinematic, but it never loses its sense of intimacy. The album perfectly walks the line between chamber pop, alt-country, and indie rock.

There is a confessional tone that has always existed in the music of Barzin, and this album is no exception. Thematically, the album focuses on the subject of art - more specifically, the questioning of whether a meaningful life can be achieved through solely devoting oneself to making art. Combining the dark romanticism of great lyricists such as Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave, Barzin weaves a personal narrative that is rich with poetic sensibility..

The central contributors to this album are Tony Dekker (Great Lake Swimmers) and Suzanne Hancock, but a number of other musicians played important roles in the enhancement of this project. Don Kerr, Sandro Perri (Polmo Polpo), Tamara Williamson, Lewis Melville, and Matt Verta-Ray (Heavy Trash) all helped define and shape the current sound of this album. The lovely string arrangements were scored by Karen Graves who also arranged Hayden’s Skyscraper National Park.

The track ‘Acoustic guitar Phase’ is a cover of a song by fellow Canadians The Dears.

Welcome to the quiet side of pop.


  1. Let's Go Driving
  2. So Much Time To Call My Own
  3. Leaving Time
  4. Just More Drugs
  5. Take This Blue
  6. Acoustic Guitar Phase
  7. Won't You Come
  8. Sometimes The Night...
  9. My Life In Rooms