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Barzin - Limited Edition Book of Poems + 'To Live Alone In That Long Summer' CD + digital download BAR-1

Released 24 February 2014.

All net income from the sale of this bundle will go directly to Barzin to help support the band on their forthcoming album release tours.

"Something I have Not Done" is a collection of 14 poems that were written over the past several years. This is Barzin's first book of poems, put together with the help of the Toronto based poet, Erin Robinsong.The book is hand assembled, and is limited to a run of 200 copies.

You will also receive a jewelcase CD of Barzin's latest album, "To Live Alone In That Long Summer", and a digital download of the album in a choice of formats.

Worldwide shipping is included in the price.

Here is a poem from the book entitled "I Have Not Died In Months":

I have not died in months.
Now, when it gets dark
I go out and walk the neighbourhood,
ignoring the moon.

Do you remember last fall?
My heart bloomed into beauty.
Do you remember?
I put aside the dark papers of my mourning,
cleaned the house,
called my mother,
and sent a post card to a friend.

You came over for coffee
and I showed you what my longing looks like
on paper.
We both laughed out loud.

But now
mirrors betray me.
I don't recognize my own reflection.
I am like one who brings the rain with him.

I have not died in months.

I have been trying to erase myself
in many different ways,
but I have not been successful.

I have visited the used bookstore around the corner
looking for something that would hint at this dilemma.
But no one seems to know where to point me.
No one seems to know such a book, not even the local fortune teller.

So I am left now with my own devices.

I have been collecting evidence of my own existence.
Now I keep all the postcards I write
and re-read them out loud as though
they were written by somebody else.

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Pressing Information

Limited edition of 200


  1. All The While
  2. Without Your Light
  3. In The Dark You Can Love This Place
  4. Stealing Beauty
  5. Fake It 'til You Make It
  6. In The Morning
  7. You Were Made For All Of This
  8. Lazy Summer
  9. It's Hard To Love Blindly
  10. All The While (demo)[bonus track]