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Various Artists - 'monotreme@fifteen - FREE 15th Anniversary Digital Compilation Album' MONO-122

Various Artists
15th Anniversary Free Compilation CD and download Album

Free 17-track compilation album to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Monotreme Records

To celebrate our 15th year of releasing great music, we have created a 17-track digital (320 kbps mp3) compilation album showcasing our releases over the past five years.

We also have a limited edition CD version, which is included for free free when you order any CD or vinyl from the Monotreme Records web shop, or can be ordered separately for the cost of shipping only.


1. Khompa ‘Nettle Empire’ from 'The Shape of Drums To Come' (2016)
2. Niagara ‘ ‘Escher Surfers’ from 'Hyperocean' (2016)
3. Ed Tullett ‘Malignant’ from' Fiance' (2016)
4. Midas Fall ‘Push’ from 'The Menagerie Inside' (2015)
5. STEARICA ‘Tigris’ from 'Fertile' (2015)
6. Barzin ‘All The While’ from 'To Live Alone In That Long Summer' (2014)
7. Trophy Scars ‘Archangel’ from 'Holy Vacants' (2014)
8. Sorrow ‘Shadowed Doubt’ from 'Dreamstone' (2013)
9. Sleepmake swaves 'In Limbs And Joints' from
'And So We Destroyed Everything' (2014 re-issue)
10. Oliver Spalding ‘Epoch’ from 'Unfurl' (2017)
11. Niagara ‘Vanilla Cola’ from 'Don't Take It Personally' (2014)
12. M+A ‘When’ from 'These Days' (2013)
13. Stumbleine feat. Violet Skies ‘We’re Shadows’ from 'Dissolver' (2014)
14. Sleepmakeswaves ‘One Day You Will Teach Me To Let Go Of My Fears' from
'In Today Already Walks Tomorrow' (2014 re-issue)
15. Niagara ‘Seal’ from 'Otto' (2013)
16. Midas Fall ‘The Unravelling King’ from 'Wilderness' (2013)
17. 65daysofstatic 'Radio Protector' from 'One Time For All Time' (2005 vinyl re-issue)

Pressing Information

CD pressing: 2000 copies


  1. KHOMPA - Nettle Empire
  2. Niagara - Escher Surfers
  3. Ed Tullett - Malignant
  4. Midas Fall - Tramadol Baby
  5. STEARICA - Tigris
  6. Barzin - All The While
  7. Trophy Scars - Archangel
  8. Sorrow - Shadowed Doubt
  9. sleepmakeswaves - In Limbs And Joints
  10. Oliver Spalding - Epoch
  11. Niagara - Vanillacola
  12. M+A - When
  13. Stumbleine feat Violet Skies - We're Shadows
  14. sleepmakeswaves - One Day You Will Teach Me To Let Go Of My Fears
  15. Niagara - Seal
  16. Midas Fall - The Unravelling King
  17. 65daysofstatic - Radio Protector