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Samson Ashe 'Fun' digital single MONO-160

Released worldwide on 21 August 2020. A digital download link will be sent by email from the release date onwards in a choice of formats.

The single premiered worldwide on Wonderland today and you can stream it here:

About Fun:

Press play to the carefree days of the past. 'Fun' is Samson Ashe's warm, nostalgic ode to growing up in the 90's - that magical period of childhood when things were much simpler and you could just be yourself because there was no pressure to be anything else.

Produced by P*nut (Amy Winehouse, Dido, Wiley) and biLLLy (Emily Burns, Betsy), Fun is playful and effervescent with a chorus that will get stuck in your head for days.

Says Samson, “Fun is a nostalgic ode to childhood when things were more simple and there was no price to who you were because nobody cared...I really miss that. Unapologetically I am who I am and I miss and need that fearless kid that grew up in Stamford Hill...his honestly and unfiltered voice.. I hope the vibe’s captured, please enjoy.”

Samson Ashe won hearts and critical acclaim with his debut track ‘Too Rough’ (released via 37Adventures) back in 2017, showcasing a head turning vocal range and rare vibrancy. The London UK born and bred singer-songwriter takes inspiration from an eclectic melting pot of fellow artists including Prince, Young Fathers, Oasis and Naughty By Nature. Not someone to be easily put in a box, you can expect a diverse showcase of Ashe’s talent to be rolled out this year.

Keep a close eye on his as he reveals more over the coming months.


Music and lyrics by Samson Ashe, P*nut, biLLLy and Jean Mark Jean Marie
Produced by Samson Ashe, P*nut, biLLLy
Artwork by Luke Drozd

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