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STEARICA 'GOLEM 202020' CD / Ltd. vinyl / Digital LP MONO-170

Release date 19 March 2021. All physical orders from this shop will include a digital download of the album in a choice of formats.

Limited edition of 150 vinyl LPs on 140 gm vinyl (75 clear red + 75 clear green vinyl), with colour poster and digital download coupon.

Also available in CD (4-panel digifile) and digital formats.

Photos by Isabella Ram

Listen to the track 'In Flames':

About Golem 202020:

Golem 202020 (Music inspired by the 1920 film ‘Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam’ by Paul Wegener and Carl Boese)

Golem 202020 is a 10-track recording synthesis curated from the full soundtrack of the classic silent horror film ‘Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam’ created by the Italian avant/post/progressive rock band STEARICA.

The soundtrack was originally commissioned by The Italian National Museum of Cinema and the Traffic Free Festival and was performed in the Museum’s cinema as a live soundtrack to the film as part of the MiTo Settembre Musica in September, 2011.

The ten tracks, which cover the five chapters into which the film is divided, were recorded live in 2014 during a studio session organized to immortalize the work, with further embellishments added in 2019 while still maintaining the original arrangement.

To celebrate the centenary of the film, which was first screened in the theater on October 29th, 1920, the penultimate track ‘IN FLAMES (The fire spell – chapter 5)’ was released on 26 November 2020, followed by the full album release on CD, digital and limited edition vinyl (150 copies on 180 gm red vinyl) formats on 19 March, 2021.

UK independent label Monotreme Records will release the album worldwide except for Italy, where it will be released by Garrincha.

About the project and its inspiration:

Paul Wegener - who served as screenwriter, director and performer - said about Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam (The Golem: how he came into the world): “With this film I went deeper into the domain of pure cinema. It all depends on the image, on a certain flou in which the fantastic world of the past joins the world of the present. I understood that photographic technique would determine the fate of cinema. Light and shadow occupy the same role in cinema as rhythm and cadence do in music.”

The intuition of the author regarding the analogy between cinematographic and musical creation is implicitly reflected in the work carried out by STEARICA, who approached the work letting themselves be guided by instinct, and therefore by an innocent look: similar to that of the girl who, in the final section of the film, quietly climbs into the arms of the Golem because she does not know who the good and the bad are, what Good or Evil is.

The anthropomorphic monster figure of the Golem, perpetuated over the centuries through popular legends, still represents an archetype of extraordinary allegorical power: both because of the “artificial” nature of its genesis and because it embodies the image of the ‘other’ that can be molded into a scapegoat.

The persistent relevance of the subject, combined with the intrinsic value of the film, a universally recognized classic of silent cinema, prompted Stearica to give their best, engaging in one of the most intense artistic experiences faced by the band. Testimony of this is Golem 202020, an album with a shadowy appearance, a consequence of its premises and reflection of the place where it took shape: Turin, a crossroads between black and white magic.


1. The Stars Reveal
(an impending calamity - chapter 1)

2. How He Came Into The World
(shaping his soul like clay - chapter 2)

3. The Great Spell
(the invocation of Astaroth - chapter 2)

4. The Shem
(Golem comes to life - chapter 2)

5. A Strange Servant
(Golem’s first errand - chapter 3)

6. The Rose Festival – part 1
(the sad scent of a different flower.- chapter 3)

7. The Rose Festival – part 2
(save me and I will pardon your people - chapter 3)

8. Rejoyce Ye, Ye!
(the sound of the shofar - chapter 4)

9. In Flames
(the fire spell - chapter 5)

10. Der Golem
(the angels’ theme – chapter 5)


Francesco Carlucci: guitars, synths, milltone drums, additional sounds
Davide Compagnoni: drums,wood and metal percussions, loops
Luca Paiardi: bass, synth, kalimba

Special guest:
Nazzarena Galassi: vocals

Artwork by Andrea Baraldi

Pressing Information

Ltd edition LP - 150 copies on 140 gm vinyl (75 clear red + 75 clear green) with colour poster and digital download coupon.
Also available on CD (4-panel digifile) and in a choice of digital formats.