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Barzin 'Voyeurs in the Dark' album (vinyl/CD/digital) MONO-190

Release date: 22 April 2022. Orders for the vinyl LP or CD from this web shop will also receive a free instant digital download link for the album by email.

Available on CD and digital formats as well as a limited pressing of 400 vinyl LPs on 180 g black vinyl with a printed inner sleeve and a digital download coupon.

Watch the video for the title track:

Four years in making, Voyeurs In the Dark is Toronto artist Barzin’s fifth studio album. That the album is more cinematic in its scope and conceptual in feel than his previous studio albums can be attributed to the time he spent over the past several years composing the soundtrack for the independent film, Viewfinder.

Voyeurs In the Dark retains that cinematic quality, and at the same time infuses the music with elements taken from Jazz, electronica, rock and pop. Having primarily explored the quiet side pop and folk in his previous four albums, Barzin has expanded his musical palate, broadening his sound towards a more an experimental direction, while still retaining his preoccupation with exploring the internal landscape. The uniformity of sound that characterized the previous albums has been abandoned for the expression of differing aspects of the self that at times hold opposing views and desires. This is best represented in the image chosen for the cover of the album, which depicts three figures in one body. The album seems to be the expression of not one unified self, but the various aspects of the self.

Voyeurs In the Dark sees the artist plot a seductive, contemplative route through city haze, shuttling between graceful glimmering interludes, with wonderfully atmospheric songs at every stop. From opener Voyeurs In the Dark’s first guitar strums and the fizz of its drum machine, the record envelopes itself in a glorious shadow, as shown in the slow waltz of I Don’t Want To Sober Up, dancing around its own swirling guitar chords. On Watching, Barzin plunges himself deeper into a wash of cyclic bass, guitar and synth riffs, as the gloom grooves into light. It’s Never Too Late To Lose Your Life has a much more affirming and urgent tone, shade turning into shapes and motion, while To Be Missed In the End builds its own smoke in a cloud of saxophone and sparse guitar notes, closing out a record full to the brim with scatterbrain beauty and eclectic dusk.


Barzin - vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards, drum machine
Nick Zubeck – Electric guitar and bass
Marito Marques - drums
Diana Planche –vocals
Champagne James Robertson – electric guitar
Marc Rogers – bass
Josh Cole – bass
Thomas Hammerton – keyboards
Allison Au – saxophone
Karen Ng - saxophone
Nick Storring – keyboards
Joseph Shabason - saxophone


Pressing Information

Vinyl LP - 400 copies on 180 g black vinyl, with a printed inner sleeve and a digital download card
CD - 500 copies in 4-panel digifile sleeve


  1. Voyeurs In the Dark
  2. Born Yesterday, Born Tomorrow
  3. Knife in the Water
  4. Watching
  5. Golden Stairs
  6. I Don't Want to Sober Up
  7. Impossible Voice
  8. It's Never Too Late To Lose Your Life
  9. Forever Arriving
  10. To Be Missed In The End
  11. Distant Memories