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Midas Fall 'Cold Waves Divide Us' album MONO-217

Release date: 8 March 2023.

Watch the video for the first single, 'Cold Waves Divide Us':

Scottish alt/post/progressive-rock outfit Midas Fall release their fifth studio album, ‘Cold Waves Divide Us’ on March 8th, 2024 worldwide on Monotreme Records.

Michael Hamilton joins founding members Elizabeth Heaton and Rowan Burn for the follow-up to their 2018 Prog Magazine Awards ‘Limelight Award’ winning album, ‘Evaporate’.

‘Cold Waves Divide Us’ sees Midas Fall at their most confidently visceral, each song moving beautifully between quiet and loud, gentle and crushing. “This album is a heavier and bigger experience than the last album”, says Heaton. “We kept the atmospheric strings and 80s synths of Evaporate but wanted to add heavier layered elements, to represent more what we sound like live.”

Opener ‘In the Morning We’ll Be Someone Else’ starts quietly with serene piano and vocals, ominously ratcheting up the tension to walls of crashing guitars and Heaton’s soaring vocals. ‘I Am Wrong’ thunders along on pounding rhythmic drums swirling around heavy swathes of low and delicate melodic highs. On ‘Monsters’, the band are more contemplative, with an ethereal beginning making way for gorgeously syncopated guitar and drums, whilst ‘Cold Waves Divide Us’ builds slower, allowing Heaton’s voice to gracefully float over the growing force beneath it. ‘Avalanche’ is a bittersweet lullaby showcasing Heaton’s heart-rending vocals in one of the quieter moments on the album. ‘Point of Diminishing Return’ sees a more electronic influence, with glittering shimmered synths taking the space where guitar melodies were, but with all of the Post-Rock beauty that the duo are known for, something ‘Little Wooden Boxes’ showcases perfectly, expertly hovering between gentle clean guitar and piano, and exhilarating, uplifting full-band, full-bore epic.

The album will be released digitally, as well as on CD and a limited pressing of 500 LPs on 180 g vinyl (150 black, 350 clear with orange and black splatter).


Elizabeth Heaton - vocals, guitars, strings, synths, piano, drums
Rowan Burn - guitars, synths, piano, drums
Michael Hamilton - bass, synths, drums
Music by Elizabeth Heaton and Rowan Burn
Lyrics by Elizabeth Heaton
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Elizabeth Heaton
Artwork by Steven Pellatt - EvercloudDesign

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Pressing Information

Vinyl pressing of 500 copies on 180 g vinyl (150 black, 350 clear with orange and white splatter), with printed inner sleeve and digital download coupon.

CD in 4-panel digifile with 4-page booklet.


  1. In the Morning We'll Be Someone Else
  2. I Am Wrong
  3. Salt
  4. In This Avalanche
  5. Point of Diminishing Return
  6. Monsters
  7. Atrophy
  8. Cold Waves Divide Us
  9. Little Wooden Boxes
  10. Mute